Bandwidth The speed of a given Internet connection.
  Button A type of symbol that can be programmed to have user feedback and interactive behaviors.


A mathematical description of a graphic object based on adjacent pixels.

  Drawing Tools The tools in the Tools section of the Toolbar used for drawing and painting objects on the Stage.
  Export The process of making a Projector file or Shockwave file.

An individual cell in the Timeline that represents a particular moment in time. There are three kinds of frames: blank frames, protoframes, and keyframes.

  Import The process of gathering graphical and audio elements from outside sources.
  Interface The interactive qualities between the user and the device and/or movie.
  Layer An organizational function of the Timeline that enables multiple objects to stack on top of each other.
  Library A storage bin for symbols, sounds, and bitmapped graphics.
  Movie The general term for a Flash file or its exported equivalent.
  Movie Clip A type of symbol that has its own independent Timeline.
  Movie Element Any graphical or audio element used within a Flash movie.
  Object Any graphic or sound element that resides on the Stage.
  Panels Floating windows that contain inspectors and controls for developing and controlling movie elements.
  Pixel Abbreviation for picture element, a single cell of a bitmap.
  Playhead The red rectangle in the Timeline that indicates what appears on the Stage at any given time.
  Publishing The process of automatically generating an HTML document with an embedded SWF file.
  Scenes An organizational feature of Flash that divides the Flash movie into separate Timelines.
  Scrubbing Clicking and dragging the Playhead across the Timeline to see the movie as the viewer will see it.
  Shockwave The format of an exported Flash movie.
  Stacking The order in which objects overlap and cover other objects by the arrangement of layers.
  Stage The area in the Flash environment that displays images and animation.
  Streaming The process of downloading a Flash movie over the Internet.
  Symbol The reusable graphic or animation contained within the library.
  Timeline The grid-like area of the Flash environment that contains the Playhead, layers, and frames.
  Vector A mathematical description of an object based on points and curves on a plane.